Changes, and future design

Timothy Coish

The blog must have changes be applied.


The picture on the top of the blog must be changed to be something fitting for the theme of the blog. Computer hardware, game art, code, etc. I don’t want anything to flashy, I don’t consider myself a very flashy person.

There are huge blank spaces beside the post. In one sense this is understandable as the website must be properly displayed on 99% of screens, which includes 5:4 and 4:3 monitors as well as the 16:10 ratio monitors, or 16:9. On the other hand, I see lots of blogs that use the horizontal space intelligently, such as Shamus Young’s twentysidedtale, or a few others. Actually, I’m kind of shocked at how many have exactly the same problem I have here. Solutions seem to involve:

1) Displaying things to the side that are not primary content, eg. links to other blogs, twitter inclusion etc.Tom Francis’s blog does this very well.

2) Using the horizontal space by making the text simply take up more space. I don’t believe that it is possible to know the resolution of the monitor of the computer that is accessing your webpage. This is a question that a computer science student should know for sure.

3) Having a nice background picture so that even if there is a lot of space it is more palatable. This works better when there is only space on one side of the screen. So all the text is, say, on the left side of the blog, then we get a bigger view of the background image. Seeing two halves of the same image is far worse than seeing one big image. (See “Sea of Memes” for an example).

Having just spoken about the background image I feel it is as good a time as any to bring up my complete lack of one. The sort of off-grey that permeates the blog needs to go. It’s especially irritating considering the stock sunset picture at the top of the page, although that will be leaving soon. I can’t really imagine that it will be much better with a more personal picture at the top.

I wouldn’t mind having a spot on the right of the blog where I could link to other blogs. I believe this is a feature of wordpress but in any case it belongs here. Since this blog will be used mainly to show off my work to potential employers it is important that I be able to link to sensible blogs, although not absolutely crucial.

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