Placeholder jobs

I’ve finally got all the placeholder jobs working. In the game is: man coverage, zone coverage, qb rushing (which is exactly the same logic as man coverage right now), and moving forward, which all offensive players do except the quarterback.

There was a weird bug that happened with the cornerbacks when they were lined up directly overtop the recievers. I think this was because their velocities got screwed up when the recievers passed over them. The problem was solved by putting the cornerbacks 1 yard to the side. The problem would also probably be solved by implementing collision detection, but I think that is a step that, while fairly easy, is for the future.

jobs in cornerbacks offset

The above is the start of a play, with everyone lined up. Notice the cornerbacks who are 1 yard besides their coverage.

in motion

In motion. We an outside linebacker and safety moving to a player in their zone, the dline is all at the quarterback, while the cornerbacks track their man.

Edit: incidentally, the OLB is moving towards the extra tackle that was added to the formation, not an eligible reciever. I still need a flag that helps with this.

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