Added Title Screen

I added a gamestate, TITLE, which controls the title screen as of right now. Eventually I plan to have a MENU state, possibly with substates that control other things. Anyway, the title screen right now is about as barebones as it can be. I know how to add lots of buttons, and swap them out when the user hovers his mouse over them, or make them glow when the user presses them down*.


Clicking on the New Game text, actually just clicking in the general area, will “push” the game into the ON_FIELD state, where the actual football game happens.

*For the record, all I do is just exchange the current image with the next correct one, and this goes for every thing the user does with the interface. So when you press a button down and “it” turns a different colour to indicate that it’s been pressed down really all that happens is the program swaps out the current image with one of the button pressed down. It’s sort of like the worlds fastest slight of hand trick.

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