Hugely Irritating bug and (slightly) better title screen

Title Screen

Terrible, but the framework is there, like the rest of the project.

I spent about 20 minutes today with a game that froze up after I implemented the new title screen. There is barely any new code involved, and yet the game would completely freeze up and after a while start to use an enormous amount of memory. I’d really like to know what caused all the memory use, since sometimes it stayed at a light ~6500KB memory footprint, whereas other times it would stay there for a while before shooting past 2GB’s extremely quickly before terminating. I have no idea why that is, luckily the bug itself was trivial.
if (eventStr.motion.x < 340 && eventStr.motion.x > 460)…
The above is the offending line of code. We can clearly see that the signs are wrong, the mouse can never be in those two contradictory places at the same time.
It’s irritating because I’m better than making stupid mistakes like that.

The title screen itself obviously sucks, but it’s encouraging to me that with a few background pictures I can get off the net, and a ton of not-too-difficult sub-state work I can have a game that looks pretty close to the finished version.

In reality I’m anticipating that I’ll need to do a lot of behind the scenes work and difficult implementation of league rosters, and the data storage and manipulation required for that.

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