Squares Game

I never actually wrote about the previous game that I was working on. Unfortunately, I also never actually took any pictures. Recently, being back in University and thus having lots of free time I decided that I wanted to work on it again. This means that I have no documented previous state of the game, since I’ve made more then simple architectural changes to the game.

The gist of the game is that you’re a square, and your trying to stay alive for 60 seconds. There is a “sniper”, which is also a square, that fires “bolts”, which are also squares, at you and they damage you if they hit you. There are “hunters”, based on Halo:CE and yes also squares, that chase you around and charge if they manage to get within range. Finally there are “hotspots” on the ground which are probably the only thing that actually should be squares, they damage the player if the player moves over top of them. The player can pick up health packs (which are surprisingly not squares but actually still are they just have part of them matching the background because .bmp’s can’t have alpha channels and I haven’t switched yet) which heal them and help them survive the 60 seconds.

Sept 15, 2014

The green square is the player character. The yellow spots are the three hunters. The red crosses are the health packs. The blue squares are the bolts. The green square at the top is the sniper. The red squares are burn spots. The blue spots are burn spots that have just spawned. It would be unfair to the player if one spawned just underneath them and started doing damage, so they don’t for the first 400 ms of their lives.

At the top of the screen we see text that displays Health, Score, and Time remaining. Health is fully functional and the game ends when it reaches 0 (or lower). Score is pretty basic right now as it increases with time, and with health packs picked up. I want it to increase to reward the player for doing hard things, like almost getting hit by something, but that’s not in the game yet. The time remaining is pretty self explanatory.

The changes I made to the game, since I started working on it again, are adding the burn spots, making a pretty major change to the main function, and adding an intro, outro, and menu screen states to the game.

If I disable the burnspots we see what the game looked like previously:Sept 15, 2014 Previous


It’s a lot less crowded. But it’s also less fun.

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