Sound in the Game

You’d think that it would be easy to play sounds in a game right? Not only am I using SDL, which deals with the operating system’s audio for me, but I’m using SDL_mixer, which makes things even easier. Unfortunately this has been a colossal pain in the ass. Mainly because, while it does in fact play sounds, it doesn’t play sounds properly. I’m strongly considering biting the bullet and buying the upgraded version of wordpress so that I can upload video. Since I’m not doing that, the problem is that the sound effects loop over each other at weird intervals, don’t play, crash the program, etcetera. It’s horrible, and it’s such a mess that I’m considering just straight using SDL_audio() and dealing with that.

Edit: also forgot, I’m playing background music, and occasionally it freezes up completely, replaying the same note (or sample really) over and over forever. If I then quit the game, it starts playing normally again. WTF?

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