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Added Turrets

So I knuckled down and added stationary turrets. Luckily, I could copy-paste over 80% of the code for them, including the text file code. Anyway, here it is: Again, I can’t stress enough how bad the program I have to … Continue reading

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Forgot to update recently

So I’ve put in about 20 hours since I last made an update on the game. I’m almost certainly forgetting something but the main differences are: 1) I’ve got sound working, although the program I’m using to record sound, when … Continue reading

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Rotation added

I haven’t updated this website recently at all. Lots of work has been done on the game, although mostly design. I do have a very visual change that I made, rewriting the rendering to allow for rotated images. It’s pretty … Continue reading

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How to make 2D graphics, and digital sound

One of the things that I imagine might scare some people away, who would like to work on the game, is the idea that it is really hard to make the media for the game. Nothing could be further from … Continue reading

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That Oh Shit moment

So I took it upon myself to fool around with the text files, trying to create a blend of settings for the most enjoyable gameplay. I quickly realized that the game is definitely going to need difficulty settings, because what’s … Continue reading

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Added Differing sizes

So I changed the size of various enemies. Had to change the way a lot of the program worked, but I definitely like the changes. The program is actually more robust now, as I can stretch smaller textures up in … Continue reading

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Added Level files

I’ve never before written down what the final plan for Squares Game, yes that’s still the title, really is. Briefly speaking, there’s going to be a story mode, where there are a bunch of different “levels”, and an exhibition mode, … Continue reading

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