Video test

Update: I decided to delete the .mp4 and .avi files. They were too big, and too choppy. Embedding a youtube video is simply the right choice here. Luckily, that also frees me up to capture at very high framerates, since I don’t care about slowing the loading of my site, and it also frees me up to shoot and upload much longer videos.

I recently upgraded to the free trial of wordpress, which allows the uploading of video. This is a test of that, and also a showcase of the game itself.

Test of .mp4

Update: looks like .mp4 doesn’t work right. That’s a huge shame because the file size is way smaller.

Test of .avi

Few things. First: the program that I’m using to record with is called camstudio. I can set it to record at a higher FPS, but even when I do it still plays pretty choppy, and the files are proportionally larger. Considering this 60 second video at 10 fps is over 13MB, I really don’t want to bump the framerate up too much. I’m also probably just going to show brief, less than 10 second snippets from here on out, due to the file size.

Actually, I’ll just upload my videos to a youtube account, and then embed them in wordpress, or just link to them.

Test of youtube:

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