Small game update

So I only had about 20 minutes to work on the game, and I decided to spend my time doing something that has bothered me for a while. The hunters, the yellow squares, can’t hit the player over consecutive frames, but they also give no representation of having hit the player. The only way the player knows is if they actually look at their health text, which is ridiculous to do while dodging something.

So I decided to make the hunters bounce back after hitting the player. Just to get it up and running I did a quick and dirty hack, by just flipping their x and y velocities when they hit the player.

I can’t say I’m really happy with it. Something like this would be okay, if they bounced back a slight amount, then paused for a bit, then continued. It also would mostly be a non-issue if I had working sound effects in the game, and proper graphics that showed the hunters in their post-hit state.

Also, I played around with making the background black. It doesn’t look very good, but it is interesting. Proper graphics cannot come soon enough.

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