I sat down and thought about when the game was the most fun. The answer I came up with was when the player was dodging a bunch of hunters and bolts and spots, and least fun when the player was coasting around the outside of the ring. So I thought about ways to make that even better and there are basically two things I came up with.

1) make the objects smaller, so that dodging things can be done more reliably, because you don’t have to worry about clipping the edge of an enemy. Making the game out of circles will also improve this, because it’s irritating when the corners hit the corner of the enemy, and makes dodging on an angle less fun and enjoyable. However, this is an art thing, and if I’m going to redo all the art, I want to be working with an artist. Having said that, I’ll probably have to make circular objects to test things out anyway.

2) make the game arena smaller, so that the player has less space to maneuver, and thus will almost constantly be having to dodge things. Easy to do. Not easy to make look good, but easy to do.

As of right now I’ve implemented option 2.

This seems like a small thing, and maybe it is, but it makes the game much more fun.

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