Mechanics are effectively done

I’ve implemented all the enemies and objects that I want in the game. I could definitely implement more, but the game is fun now as it is. There are only two next steps to take.

The first is that the game will have a series of levels, as well as a challenge mode. The challenge mode will just be a steadily increasing in difficulty thing, where the user tries to survive as long as possible, I save the top ten highest scores. The series of levels will also be steadily increasing in difficulty, but will be tied to a story. The levels themselves will be saved in text files (for easy editing) and will be loaded in at the start of the game all at once (because they’ll be tiny).

The data stored in the level files will be:

1) The amount of health packs in the level

2) The amount of hunters in the level

3) The amount of plasma bolts in the level

4) The amount of burnspots in the level

5) The location of the barriers in the level

6) The amount of time that the player needs to survive for

There is no special scripting in the game. That would be far too much work to reasonably do. I might have a character who says things to the player at specific moments in time, specific to the level, but that will be the extent of the scripting.

The second step that needs to be taken is to make the media for the game. That means sounds and graphics. Not a whole lot to say here, it’s pretty clear that this is going to be more work than what’s left of the programming.

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