Added Differing sizes

So I changed the size of various enemies. Had to change the way a lot of the program worked, but I definitely like the changes. The program is actually more robust now, as I can stretch smaller textures up in size, or use high resolution textures and scale them down in size. Before, when I created a texture, I needed to create it at exactly the right size (in pixels) for it to work right. But then I needed to code in the size of it anyway, since it’s necessary to know for collision detection.

So now that I have that working, it’s only a small change to have varying resolutions. The game is hard-coded to run at 800×800, and while it is not a pressing concern, that will eventually be changed to run at a variety of resolutions, probably with black bars, or a background image.

The impetus for the change in sizes was actually gameplay focused. I thought it wasn’t much fun avoiding the bolts since they, and you, were so big that it was too hard to really avoid them. It’s definitely an improvement, and it’s really fun knifing through some bolts and avoiding the huge hunters and burn spots on the way to a health pack.

As an aside, there’s been 4 health packs, and 3 hunters in all the previous videos. There’s also been 16 burnspots instead of 10, and 60 seconds instead of 30 in the previous videos, and a bunch of other less noticeable changes. This is because of the text file I loaded in,  explained earlier, and probably won’t be an actual level itself.

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