With no artist….

Well I thought I had a deal with an artist (obviously not a financial one), but it appears to have fallen through. Asking people to donate their time to this project seems to be not efficient, on a one to one basis. So having said that I’ve had to improve the game using what’s at my disposal, which is basically just geometric shapes, since I can make those as a programmer.

I decided that the game needed a proper health bar. It’s pretty easy to make a health bar, since all you need to do is render a rectangle, or varying length depending on the current health of the player. I quickly did that, but encountered a problem, if all you have is one rectangle, unless it traverses the entirety of the screen, it’s tough for the user to tell what health they are at, unless it’s zero.


The player isn’t at full health right now. But what health are they at?

What you need is a second, differently coloured rectangle that you render beneath it. The result:


Now we can much more accurately what our health is.

We can even add a nice black bar around this for making it really shiny and nice:


The health bar looks nice and sharp, and pops out of the background.

Notice how nice and sharp this looks. This isn’t even complicated graphical design theory, this is just the basics of making something look nice and be functional. I’ll figure out something to do with the time left text above as well.

Anyway, this is the kind of thing that an artist that I bring on should probably just intuitively know. I want someone who gets irritated the image that they see above, even the last one, because of how much nicer it ought to look.

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