Little game

What started as me wanting to spice up the tutorials a little bit has ended with me actually adding another game type. Backing up a little bit, I have a tutorial that shows the user how to move, as well as a tutorial that shows the user how to attack. I wanted to make games for both of them, and so I designed a little minigame.

The game works by forcing the player to retrieve an item and bring it back, all while navigating enemy fire, and below a certain time limit. The specific details of the time limit, and damage of the enemies is subject to change, due to differing difficulty levels selected by the player. Rather then tell any more, here’s the game.

(Keep in mind that the sound gets recorded much tinnier then it actually is, and that all graphics and sound are throwaway anyway)

I realized a few things after playing through this a bunch of times.

1) The game has serious problems with dropping audio effects. This is mainly because the turrets fire so damn often, and there can be so many of them. When there are 6 turrets firing at every 250ms, that means we’re dealing with 24 new turret firing sounds every second. Worse still, the firing sound effect is actually a fair bit longer than 250ms, which means that we’re dealing with a bunch of sound effects at the same time. Long story short, sounds get dropped (not played), which means that if you saw the sword hit something, but no sound play, that wasn’t the recording software, for once, but actually a problem with the game.

The solution: make the turrets play a constant whirring noise when they’re alive, but don’t play each individual shot.

2) The game is fun, but it’s most fun when not using the sword. Partly this is because not using the sword coincides wonderfully with my skill level, and is the only way for myself to truly provide any challenge. Still though, there is a certain elegance in having the game be primarily movement based. This part is undecided for me.


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