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I forgot to actually make a post showing off the game in all its new fullscreen glory and black and white glory. I’ve also been extremely busy with work, 7:00AM-3:00PM every day, and have chosen to spend my time actually working on the game itself. Let me rectify this situation now, with a quick video of the game. There are still lots of bugs to work out, and everything is still in pre-prototype stage, but:

First up, I switched the game to fully black and white graphics. What’s more, I’ve switched the graphics to be entirely black and white, or monochrome. The menus haven’t made the switch yet, but they’re coming. What’s more, I also changed the style of the game from an attempt at recognizable images, to simple information conveyed through graphics. That sounds vague, but what I mean is that the hunter goes from this:tempHunter (hunter picture), to this: monoHunter(new hunter picture). The old looked horrible, whereas the new looks clean. The new version still conveys all the information that the player needs (which direction the hunter is facing), and arguably does it better, since there is less obstruction or noise in the image to distract the player.

PC images:tempPC  tempPCHitmonoPC monoPCHit

The above images are for the player character when they are normal, and when they have just taken a hit.

Sniper images:tempInstaSnipermonoSnipes

I could have included all the different states for the sniper, but you get the picture.

I decided that if I was going to go minimalistic it was better to use symbols than anything recognizable. That’s why the new image for when the player character is hit is just an extra bar at the bottom. That might not sound like it could work, but players pick up on that stuff quickly, and it becomes second nature to them. Since the images don’t try to look like anything, they can’t fail to look like those things. Furthermore, it gives the game a slight science fiction-y feel to it, which more than makes up for what even my best drawings could do with a more traditional art style.

I’ll make another video when I have finished changing all the menus to the new style, and it will show a full walkthrough of the game, including menus, startup, tutorials, etcetera.

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