Ridiculous waste of space

This is unrelated to the game, but I only had 10.8GB of space remaining on my 300GB C partition. This just wouldn’t do, and so I took the usual route of going through my recycling bin and emptying it, 6.5GB or so freed. Then I ran Windows cleanup, and CCleaner. Another 5GB or so freed. Deleted some of the 100-200MB bloatware programs that were installed by ASUS when I got the computer. Still only had 25.7GB of space.
I located the biggest folder to be C:ProgramFiles(x86), which surprised me, as I would have guessed it to be C:\\Timothy. Went through each folder inside and everything made sense. Then I got to FRAPS, which took up 53.8GB’s!!!!
It’s one of those problems that startled me but was immediately clear. FRAPS is a benchmarking tool that really should only take a few MB’s of space, but can take both screenshots and record video. I never do this on purpose, but I have accidentally hit the f9 key, which records many times in the past. Especially since some games use the key to quick reload saves.

Screenshots were 136MB’s, mostly because I game at 1920×1200 and the images were all .bmp’s, which means they are uncompressed.* That’s just the space that 42 screenshots takes. However, the Movies folder was 53.6GB’s.

All deleted, the C drive has a nice clean 79.4GB’s of space.

*I talked about the difference between .bmp’s and .png’s earlier.

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