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A few posts back I was writing about things that I’ll change for the next game that I make. One of those was the increased use of structs, especially if there is a lot of repeated code. Today and yesterday … Continue reading

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Games are objective, players aren’t

So I made the claim that games are about 95% objective, and here’s why that doesn’t mean that games should get a single score when reviewed. We don’t really appreciate games objectively, we each value the different aspects of games … Continue reading

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Tying it all together – what makes games good

This post can be thought of as the collection of all the conclusions from my previous posts. In other words, it’s not so much what makes games good, as it is advise for how to make good games. My goal … Continue reading

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Game Worlds

PLACE Do you want to be in this world? Why is it that sometimes when we play a game, we immediately love being in that world? This is a question I’ve tried to answer, and partially have answered, but I … Continue reading

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