Software Blitting Part 1

About a week ago my trusty Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard broke, and I was forced to use my laptops native keyboard. I somehow managed to be productive during this time, but today my new keyboard came in the mail. So I decided to take it out for a spin, and get to work on a problem that’s starting to irritate me to no end.

My workflow to create the pictures that you see here consists of the following:
1) Run Program
2) Hit ‘Print Screen’ key
3) Open Microsoft Paint
4) CTRL+V the entire screen into Paint
5) Crop out everything but the running window.
6) Upload PNG to WordPress


Uncropped image.

I now need to manually crop all this, and Paint does not make this easy, since there’s no easy way to simply cut out the middle and delete everything else. So I need to first delete the left, then the top, then the right, then the bottom. To make all this worse, since the image is the size of my desktop I have to scroll up and down in Paint to select all the areas I want to select. All of this work simply to create something that looks like this:

unmirrored pieces

The pretty cropped version. Can you see the extra white on the top. Look closer.

The cropping is what takes the majority of my time, and is the main contributor to the awful look of the programming pictures. So I decided to create a little program that simply prints out the PNG files (a type of image file), that I want, so my workflow looks like:
1) Run Program
2) Specify PNG to create
2) Upload PNG to WordPress

Unfortunately, or rather fortunately (since I find this quite interesting), to accomplish this task I need to do things the hard way, working with raw image data.

Continued in part 2.

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