Blitting part 4

After an absurd amount of extremely frustrating exceptions and bugs, I’ve finally gotten software blitting working perfectly (I hope) on my chess project. As of right now every time I run the program it creates a png for me to use. The images can be of arbitrary size, and can blit to an arbitrary part of the other image. Anyway, here’s one of the PNG’s:

full board

Notice, no borders.

There’s no doubt that it looks quite janky. Since I’m using a sub-optimal (from a perfect image quality POV), nearest-pixel algorithm, I decided to pre-downscale my images. I was lazy, and instead of creating a small program to do this for me, I instead just resized the images in Microsoft Paint, which ruined all my alpha values (transparency). As a result, to get this image I set pure white to transparent (similar to green-screening), and we have what you see before you.

Nevertheless I’m quite proud of myself, mostly on the programming side, since these images can easily be replaced with higher quality images.

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